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Message from Chairwoman

The Paragon Education Company welcomes you!

We are delighted that you have chosen to join us and we hope that you will enjoy your time at our institutions. Our aim is to provide you with an academic environment where you can grow and develop as an individual of all ages and backgrounds. Our journey started in a humble cluster of offices that was opened as a school in the city of Phnom Penh back in 1997. Today, we are equipped with modern facilities, resources, and globally recognized qualifications across our three school campuses of Paragon International School and Paragon International University. As you embark on your academic journey, you will discover that our entire academic institution is dedicated to assisting you in your academic, social, and personal development. As a potential student, parent, or friend, I cordially invite you to join us. Respectfully,

Lok Chumteav Chea Sophakanny

About Us

In 1997, Paragon International School Cambodia (Paragon ISC), formerly Zaman International School, opened its doors. It is regulated by the School Board and is one of Cambodia's top bilingual and international schools in terms of teaching and service quality. The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports in Cambodia, as well as Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) in the United Kingdom, have both certified the institution. The CAIE curriculum is used in the International program, which takes our students from Primary to Secondary School and Pre-University. Moreover, the Council of International Schools has granted accreditation to Cambodia's Paragon International School (CIS). To satisfy the different demands of our student group, we offer an exclusive blend of national and international curriculum. Both the Khmer National Curriculum and the Cambridge Curriculum are used in the Bilingual program. Our curriculum provides students with an appreciation of Cambodian culture and its contribution to the heritage of the civilized world. There is a primary focus on internationalism, in order to develop open-minded world citizens with international perspectives, self-confidence, and conscientiousness. Paragon International University (formerly known as Zaman University) was established in 2010, as a new member of Zaman educational institutions (now under Paragon Education Company). In recognizing a global world and the need for global communication, since its inception, the language of instruction at Paragon International University has been English. With a commitment to excellence, Paragon International University strives to be a leading university in Cambodia with excellent teaching research and community services, so as to provide internationally-recognized programs and offers 11 undergraduate majors, under the departments of Architecture, Engineering, Business, and International Relations. Furthermore, Paragon IU offers 3 graduate majors: Master of Arts in International Relations, Business Administration and Master of Science in Management of Information Systems.

Mission, Vision & Values

Paragon Education Company (Paragon Education Co,.LTD) is a membership community working collaboratively to shape bilingual and international education through professional services to schools, higher education institutions, and individuals. The Paragon.EC vision is to inspire the development of Cambodia, region and global citizens through high quality bilingual and international education: connecting ideas, cultures, and educators from every corner of Cambodia, region and the world. To guide others, we draw on our collective expertise and experience. We can do more when we work together. We constantly strive to discover new ideas and technologies that enable us to act progressively and meaningfully, and we motivate each other to broaden our brains and views. We keep an open mind to fresh ideas and keep our eyes peeled for new information. Our natural curiosity pushes us to think beyond the box and keeps us focused on our personal development. Our guiding principles are founded on a notion of global citizenship that we have developed. These values provide a solid foundation for our members to be inspired and challenged to promote international education and intercultural perspectives. We welcome ideas, cultures, and relationships from all over the world, making diverse perspectives and viewpoints a source of inspiration for everyone in our community.








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